Refund Policy

We take refunds very seriously.  We get customers that try and abuse the option to open a PayPal claim to try and get their money back after using the software and claiming they no longer need it or claiming they never used it, even though we can see they have downloaded, registered, and use the software via our backend.  Please do not open a PayPal claim before contacting support.  Most of the time the reason why customers want a refund is because they haven’t read or followed the instructions on how to activate the software and authenticate the software with SoundCloud. This is written in the instruction manual in details.  Support will be able to solve most problems. Please remember SoundCloud sets account limits of how many follows/unfollows, downloads a user can do etc.  This is set by SoundCloud and not us.  If you have a problem please contact before you open a claim with PayPal.

If Cloud Dominator does not function properly as seen in the instruction manual or taking into account all the points on this page (minus any temporary changes or updates) for any reason within 30 days (except for periods of us updating the software for users – see below), we will be happy to refund you… By purchasing, you agree you have instructions thoroughly and understand the functionality of Cloud Dominator thoroughly.

If, however, your PC or Mac’s firewall or other computer-associated program such as your anti-virus or your own computer settings is stopping any Cloud Dominator functions from working and is an issue with your own machine only (and we have knowledge of full functionality), then unfortunately this is your responsibility and we cannot offer any refund for this, but will be happy to allocate an additional license on another machine.

However, when you buy Cloud Dominator, you hereby agree that unless there is a total loss of functionality for a period of at least 14 (fourteen) days during our updates, no refunds will be allocated. Updates are a part of improving the user experience and need to be implemented on occasion.

We ensure the software works as described and cannot be held responsible for any changes Soundcloud makes to certain limits such as messaging and so on. Please also note that we strongly believe in anti-spam, so please use the software responsibly. (see our Terms of Use).

Please remember, to get the most out of Cloud Dominator, you should ideally be using a premium Soundcloud account (i.e. a paid account) as limits for group share are higher (1 group share for free accounts) and messaging timing intervals may also be shorter, enabling more messages to be sent over a specific campaign. By purchasing this software, you agree that you know and are aware of this information. Refunds will not be available for reasons surrounding these factors.

You also understand by buying, the features may change from time to time in Cloud Dominator at our discretion.  Features will be added, however features might also be taken away and no longer available to use.

You also agree after buying this software that you understand Cloud Dominator & Cloud Grabber is ultimately compatible for Windows only. However, it can easily be ran on Mac using additional software (not included) called ‘Parallels’ or ‘Bootcamp’ or similar. We have customers who easily run Cloud Dominator & Cloud Grabber this way, but we cannot be held responsible should you not be able to get the software to run on Mac, due to us running Windows ourselves and we therefore cannot provide a refund.

Cloud Grabber purchases are non refundable – all details of this software are clear to see on the Cloud Grabber page so by purchasing, you agree to these details prior to use.

Please contact us here should you have any further questions.

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