Cloud Dominator is packed full of features to greatly enhance your exposure on Soundcloud, gain you Many more plays & downloads, followers and more! Imagine greatly increasing your  exposure – This could lead to freeing up precious studio time, DJ bookings, record signings & the reputation you are striving to achieve – Take Action Today!

Compatible with Windows and Mac (For Mac, you will need Parallel’s or similar).

Not only is our software ultra-reliable and stable, but we provide outstanding support to customers and we will be bringing out new features in the future.

We have meticulously and rigorously tested our software with a select pool of existing artists and had astonishing results! Everything is automated, so you don’t have to watch over the software – you can simply relax whilst Cloud Dominator does the hard work for you!

NB. We do not support in any way, shape or form spamming, which is why we have purposely not built certain features within the program such as a mass commenter. Likewise we will never make an account creator for the purpose of fake followers or favoritings, as this is extremely spammy so please do not ask.  - this is designed to save time (to help you utilize time to make music etc) and help artists who are finding it tougher and tougher in a saturated music world to gain some prominence and have a chance to be heard, but ultimately gaining them REAL followers for a kick-start.

Main Features

  • Mass follow/unfollow tool – Follow targeted groups or user ID’s and unfollow users automatically. This leads to many people following you back and you retaining followers interested in your niche genre which is so valuable in getting noticed on Soundcloud. In only a couple of weeks, you will have increased your targeted follower-count ten-fold.. & with minimal effort due to the Cloud Dominator being fully-automated! This is a great way to get organic followers and to grow your profile quickly using our Soundcloud bot. This module has a tick box option so you don’t follow the same person twice! Very clever… However, should you not require this, you can easily follow them again.  Keep in mind that SoundCloud has account limits.  100 per day for free accounts and 250 for paid accounts.
  • Play/Download increaser module - You can put multiple plays on your tracks … all within a short amount of time (or a longer amount of time – you can change this as necessary). Not only that, but if you have a DJ mix or are giving away a track for free, you can also increase the download count by as many as you like. (Within SoundCloud’s account limits) All with a couple of clicks of your mouse! Increasing plays gets you higher in the Soundcloud search results and therefore gives rise to more additional plays and more exposure! A very powerful feature.  Ability to download proxies, enter your own proxies and set delays between plays!
  • Share tracks to group module – An insane function which enables you to automatically share your tracks with any groups you have joined. You can share to a whopping 75 groups with a paid Soundcloud account – this is a REALLY powerful tool and we are excited to give you this functionality. You will get tons more comments and natural plays. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED A PAID SOUNDCLOUD ACCOUNT TO SHARE TO 75 GROUPS WHICH IS THE CURRENT LIMIT ON SOUNDCLOUD.
  • Track Player and Uploader.  Upload and Play tracks all from Cloud Dominator’s interface!
  • Comment Spinning Feature.  Spin comments onto tracks.  Really awesome to increase comments on tracks.
  • Auto Like Tracks Automatically like users tracks by ID or Group.  This is an awesome feature that allows you to like anyones track right from Cloud Dominator.  People that you like will often like your track, getting you more exposure!
  • Multi-threading internally and externally! This immensely powerful function enables you to run multiple instances of any task at once. Need to get 20,000 plays on ten of your tracks? No problem! Cloud Dominator has you covered. You can use as many modules at once of Cloud Dominator and we have developed Cloud Dominator so that it hardly uses any CPU on even the slowest of machines, so running 5-10 is not an issue!
  • Easy and simple to use interface! Whilst being complex under the hood, we have made Cloud Dominator as EASY and SIMPLE for people to use as possible. You will be up and running in just 10 minutes or less – it is that simple!

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