Software Updates

Feb. 2014-We are aware of the reduction in plays registering and are looking into updates to increase the success rate.

05th December 2013 - If you are getting the 401 error please go to SoundCloud and register a new app.  Name it something other than Cloud Dominator.  You may get an error saying something went wrong, however, it will still register.  Make sure you update your Client ID and Secret in Cloud Dominator’s configuration.

18th September 2013 - Update has been completed.  Existing customers have been sent the download link.  If you do not have the link please contact us.

09th September 2013 - An update from our developer stating the software will be finished at the end of this week.  So, we are hoping to have it available this weekend or the beginning of next week.  Thank you for your patience during this update.

17th August 2013 - We have been bombarded with emails with questions over the past few days on the status of Cloud Dominator We have realized that Cloud Dominator is currently down. This is due to something that is beyond our control with an update to SoundCloud. We are working diligently to rectify this issue the best that we can. In the meantime, please be patient while our developer works on a solution. Please restrain from emailing us and we will put a status on the website and send another email when we have any further updates. Once again thank you for your patience.

11th May 2013 - Follow function fixed and all working perfectly for new users – existing users have new download link. Please contact us if you do not have this new link.

10th May 2013 - We are making some important server updates. You should be able to use Cloud Dominator as usual in this period, but may experience intermittent down time on a couple of the functions. All should be restored very soon. Enjoy.

5th March 2013 - Service should be working perfectly again now – updates complete. Enjoy!

2nd/3rd March 2013 - Server may be showing as unavailable due to possible Soundcloud weekend maintenance and us updating some algorithms to prepare for some additional features to be implemented in a few weeks. If you get this message, simply restart Cloud Dominator until allowed in. Server specialists are back working this week so they will double check all links to our server and so on. Downtime won’t be too long, but it should only take a few days to a week at most for uninterrupted services to resume. Other than the server message, all is running perfectly when Cloud Dominator runs. Thanks for your patience – it will be worth it for a better functioning Cloud Dominator.

4th January 2013 - Cloud Dominator Update to fix messaging bug and some follow/unfollow fixes. All working perfectly now for new & classic Soundcloud.

8th December 2012 - Cloud Dominator update now available. Play/download fixes and follow/unfollow algorithms changed for Soundcloud’s recent updates. All working perfectly. Hopefully this is an example of how quickly our team can fix any changes in the future, thus giving you optimum reassurance in our service.

7th December 2012 - We are currently working on an update for the play section and the follow/unfollow section. We are hoping to bring out this update early next week pending any other changes Soundcloud may make to their new interface.

6th December 2012 -  To ensure you get months of seamless functionality, We are in the process of updating Cloud Dominator for the roll-out of the new Soundcloud..  at present, all features are working. However, pending any changes soundcloud makes, we will be updating cloud dominator accordingly, so we will attempt to keep any downtime to a minimum.. Some features (namely plays and follow/unfollow feature) may be temporarily unavailable until Soundcloud fully migrates their new layout.




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