At present, Cloud Dominator & Cloud Grabber is compatible with Windows only… but it can be ran on Mac (Subject to the below using Parallels or Bootcamp software which is NOT included)… 

To run Cloud Dominator on Mac, you will need the program ‘Parallels’, ‘Bootcamp’ or similar which are both incredibly easy to install… This is up to you to understand and by purchasing, you agree that you understand that for Cloud Dominator to run on a Mac, you will need Parallels or similar.

That being said, we have many users who work with Mac and get on great with it using Parallels. Please note that we cannot give refunds if you do not understand that the software is predominantly compatible with Windows, as this as it takes time to set up licenses and so on…

The compatibility of Cloud Dominator for Windows is across all platforms including Windows 8.


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